Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Then, my own :)

Wrote this during my undergrad years, inspired by nature and my own state at that time - my first and probably last venture into writing verse:

From Darkness

The mind was restless,
Thoughts uncomposed.
A dismal stage of my life
Seemed determined not to pass.
Everything suggested despair
My spirit seemed crushed.

Hoping to find light,
I looked up at the night sky.
Only to see nature appear as doleful as me.
Plunging all things in dark,
The moon went behind the clouds
And my forehead, into my palms.

A moment went by.
Driving away the dark,
Light filled up the night.
I looked up expectantly.
The moon was shining,
Its glory overruled all things morose.

Everything will pass.

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