Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leave Behind Beauty or Leave Nothing Behind

I'm very fond of one simple philosophy. "Everyplace you go, everything you use, when you leave, leave it as it were untouched if not bettered". I try my best to live up to it.

From cleaning up the kitchen after you are done, heading to "As a courtesy to the next passenger, may we suggest you wipe the sink?", cleaning the comb and the fallen hair on the floor. Doesn't take ten seconds after each use, but paves the way to living in clean, pleasant homes.

To things like leaving camp grounds without a human trace, leaving nature pristine to posterity. Things have been done and advances made. Some very beautiful - mankind has indeed bettered some things! But there are some messy things that we have done that will disgust the next users of our planet, if we do not clean up after ourselves.

I promise, I'll clean up after myself. I'm no artist to make ordinary things beautiful, but let me, at the least, not make matters worse.


  1. I agree partly and i dont agree to the other part. In a public place when you are using the sink with infinite other people its basic courtesy that you clean up the sink after you use it. But if it is my own room and being the lazy ass that I am I do not care...

  2. The problem is that the willingness to do that for others doesn't come easily for us selfish humans, when we don't do it for ourselves first! Also, the ten second routine easily saves the weekend that you must waste on cleaning otherwise. AND the hurried clean up before guests arrive - afterall, its me who uses the stuff all the time and I am entitled to cleanliness more than that guest who will be saved a small amount of embarrassment! And no, I am NOT a cleanliness freak, incase you got that idea. I just think its a matter of hygiene to keep the kitchen and bath clean.

  3. lol...i dint get that idea...but as soon as i read my own comment i realized that the counter to my point would be one sud take care of one's own cleanliness and only then one can maintain cleanliness and hygiene in public places...

  4. I will remind you abt this when you come to our home next time ;)