Friday, February 10, 2012

"Strong opinions, lightly held"

On Tuesday, my most Zen colleague said he'd heard someone saying this, "It's ok to have strong opinions. But lightly held", at a work meeting.

Later that very evening, I was at a "Opinions and Truth" meditation class at IMSB, and the talk was about - ditto! I told my teacher this quote after the talk and she liked it so much that she wanted to include it in her teachings, and sat to write it down!

And, I guess, nature was conspiring for me to get that message. And it couldn't be clearer nor come at a more appropriate time! How much I needed it! I certainly want people around me to be that way, but, let me start with the easiest one. Me :)

It's all alright-o! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A life changed...

2011 has been long, with many tides of changes in me.

It began with a vacation. 10 days of being with the Hawaiian family that taught me that an important thing in life is to look and take notice. And that happiness is ours to take.

Mindfulness Meditation taught by Shaila Catherine. I meta think now. And I have surprised myself ever since.

Design thinking at the with TeachForAmerica. I learned what I am not. And know and accept better what I am.

A health plan, that includes me becoming stronger, warding off that family diabetes, and hiking when at 70 :)

Friends. One taught me that sometimes, people need to let go. And all things heal. One taught me that sometimes, I need to let go. And let things settle. The rest continue to show me how much beauty there is.

People. Some who taught me to trust and heed to my own emotions, explicable or not, more than I cared to. And then the many who made me realize that random kindnesses abound. One who told me that if I weren't starting each day by being thankful for the abundance I'm surrounded with, then I start each day with a lie. I wake up to the truth ever since.

And a partner, who has been found. Together, Bala and I, we're making a precious young eternity.

And that brings me to the quote, from a book that I've just begun to understand, for which 2011 has been proof enough:
Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity - Paulo Coelho

And the elder says, "I predict your 2012 is going to be super interesting with lots of new things and people :o)". Whatta seer! I'm all set for 2012 :)

(And today, Friday 13, has been one of the happiest days ever! The doc got through a top-notch med-school. Nothing deserves jumping in joy more than this!)