Saturday, July 31, 2010


When somethings you did seem pointless and somethings that happened and some people are just not comprehensible, and it all happens one after another, it is hard to shrug every one of it, off with a "stuff happens". There is increasing fear that more *stuff* will follow. I wonder who said "patta kaalilae padum".

But there are things that bring forth hopes of better things. New people whom you connect with quickly (but had to leave abruptly). Old pals with whom you laugh until the stomach hurts (but only over the phone). A new place that you are moving into where you can hear the sound of water fall into a little pond and see water lillies from your bedroom (but have to break a back for getting all the stuff into, alone). Random pings and emails that never have to *say* that they care (but from super far).

But there is definitely silver, lining all those brackets. Though, the more I bring myself to start thinking, it all really is gold.

These simple-little-things - that's the stuff that seems to matter :)