Sunday, September 27, 2009

Faith vs. Reason

Accepting a view on faith is admitting that it cannot be accepted on its own merit - Anon.

The people who do this cannot be expected to reason about everything they do. They can be expected to be unreasonable. And they live upto these expectations.

People like this, in a herd, are a hard bunch to do anything with. Or without.

So people, REASON! Get out of that crowd that acts based on the reason-less brainwashing called faith! Reason and then rigorously examine your reasons. For each of your actions.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Something that so many people go without each night. The lack of which causes so many deaths each year. The primary reason why we labour. I cannot accept food being wasted. No justification can be valid.

I do not eat meat. I can never bring myself to kill my own meat. I cannot enjoy eating something that had to be killed. I have been offered/ coaxed/ forced plenty of times, but I have never knowingly eaten any meat.

Then I dished onto my plate some meat entrée the other day. Unknowingly. A friend told me just in time that it contained meat. I threw the plate away and started over with a new one.

What followed was guilt. Anytime that I saw food for the next few days. Did I do the right thing? I had thrown away what is food for so many.

What are my morals? Is an objective analysis of ones morality ever possible? If it is ones own, is any analysis possible? Can all ones actions be truly morale even only within ones own definitions of morality?

Monday, September 21, 2009

On shadows and then some

While walking home some days ago, some cars tried to trample my shadow. But it was my shadow that always won! Yet, it could lose. If it were on the wrong side of me...

Philosophizing this bit of physics, I inferred what the Mahabharatha says, characterizing Karna as it does. "Be on the right side. And you will win."

If only all things were that simple all the time. Or at the very least some of the times?

By the way, what is right? And what is loss? Does loss lead to sadness? And what is happiness?