Monday, September 21, 2009

On shadows and then some

While walking home some days ago, some cars tried to trample my shadow. But it was my shadow that always won! Yet, it could lose. If it were on the wrong side of me...

Philosophizing this bit of physics, I inferred what the Mahabharatha says, characterizing Karna as it does. "Be on the right side. And you will win."

If only all things were that simple all the time. Or at the very least some of the times?

By the way, what is right? And what is loss? Does loss lead to sadness? And what is happiness?

1 comment:

  1. Happiness or sadness are just a reflection of mind. We set benchmarks in our life. For example.. if we get 100 we should be happy and 50 means we should be sad. So it is all in the mind.. Also the environment around us determines whether we are happy or sad. We may be going through a rough patch in life, but if we have a person to support us, life is much better and vice versa.. I hope that is a small answer to happiness and sadness.. :)