Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Something that so many people go without each night. The lack of which causes so many deaths each year. The primary reason why we labour. I cannot accept food being wasted. No justification can be valid.

I do not eat meat. I can never bring myself to kill my own meat. I cannot enjoy eating something that had to be killed. I have been offered/ coaxed/ forced plenty of times, but I have never knowingly eaten any meat.

Then I dished onto my plate some meat entrée the other day. Unknowingly. A friend told me just in time that it contained meat. I threw the plate away and started over with a new one.

What followed was guilt. Anytime that I saw food for the next few days. Did I do the right thing? I had thrown away what is food for so many.

What are my morals? Is an objective analysis of ones morality ever possible? If it is ones own, is any analysis possible? Can all ones actions be truly morale even only within ones own definitions of morality?


  1. such profound thinking...:) But as a cliched counter argument would it not be correct in saying that eating vegetables also means killing plants?

  2. Welcome! And thanks for your comment! But no, its not profound! Its just a horrible dilemma that I was subject to. And as a friend said, it is a bad situation with no good answers. I guess he put it very well. And about your question, thus the fruitarian diet! But the usual argument is that animals can feel pain and some of them are proven to feel emotions. And plants do not have a nervous system or a brain as is known to us.