Saturday, September 24, 2011

And this last week...

Flew back on Sunday after a long trip... Home, sweet home. Or is it, room, sweet room, for the unsettled nomad who is me?

One of the dinner menu's at A & P's last week was rasam, vazhakkai fry and beetroot halwa (with cashews n raisins, but no ice-cream :/). After a breakfast of egg dosa and a lunch of capsicum rice that same day. How much I miss my Tucson company!

Met M after more than a year! How much has changed! And A now is the official know-er of all my friends who live in the US, thanks to all the hosting done! :)

De-cluttered my room! It's now more spacious. Being minimal isn't easy, even for a person like me who doesn't like to spend. I also really need to start sending away some of my will-never-read-again books at PaperbackSwap. And reallly need to finish reading all the half read ones.

Watched Idomeneo, supposedly Mozart's favourite opera. It was too long (3.5 hrs, with 2 intermissions) for a week night opera, but the music was so good! Infact, my fav part was watching the violinists. They looked like dancers, and the sounds were so pleasant! And, it was a free ticket from the employer. My favorite remains La bohème, though it made me cry. Which was a surprise BDay gift from S & Y, and in the second row, center seat! Nothing beats that :)

After stressing a ton last week, I realize now, how lucky I am... And a friend puts it this way - there are good problems, and there are bad ones. These are the good type of problems to have! :D

And as you already know, survived a slamming of my fingers in a car door excellently well!

Maybe, I should write more often again. It's been missed (by me! ;).

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