Saturday, February 20, 2010

Endless Nonsense

Since the time seems to have come for everyone around me to think that I am ready for marriage, the following possibilities arise:
1. A god-fearing, very pious, verry nice guy - probability = 0.01%. No more talk about this!
2. A kinda-sorta-god-believing guy - probability = 80%. Some more talk warranted.
3. An atheist - probability = (100 - 80 - 0.01)% - More talk less warranted. But warranted nevertheless.
Given that I'm an atheist, this is a very good, first, high level classification of possibilities. Ok. Now I'll get to the next section, titled, Next What?, and talk a bit about some of the interesting possibilities in each case, leaving out the boring, lived-happily-ever-after ones. It could turn into a tragic movie or a comic movie from here on, depending on the case, depending totally on who is seeing it and more totally on how you see it and so many more undependable factors. Ok. That won't make any good movie. But let me talk about it anyway.
Case 2 - God believing guy: This guy believes in the benevolent god. He sees me. Within two weeks, he decides god cannot be benevolent. He turns atheist!
Case 3 - Atheist guy: Within 2 weeks, What have I gotten myself into? Is this the fate the god almighty has decreed because of my past sins? He becomes a pucca god-fearing guy (now that he has been punished, the fear cometh automatically, No more punishment please), seeking forgiveness for all his past blasphemous thoughts. Oh dear merciful lord! Will I ever get to heaven?
And are we stopping with the nonsense here? No, no! There is a sequel too!
Case 2 - Part 2: I become like the guy in Case 3(Part 1)!
What fun it is for conversations with people whom you know for far too long to turn into such banter! Moments of enhanced nuttiness indeed!

ps: My next post will not be about percentages. God promise! And no, this one was only about probability.


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  2. he he Case 2 Part 2: This turned atheist will become god believing guy and this is gonna be never ending cycle... paapam Nithya aaaa abbayi :( .. he will never know in which categor he falls into.. Nithya ni pelli chesukunna confused abbayi :P .. will reservation ppl have quota for marryin u girl :)